Three colours cold pasta recipe

Three colours cold pasta recipe

Three colours pasta

When I was teenager for the first time in my life I saw on the shelves of the supermarket this "multi colors pasta". It was a bit strange for me because always in my family, we just ate "the classic pasta" such as rigatoni, fusilli, tagliatelle etc. After that day I thought that even a traditional Italian dish like pasta was changing. I was thinking why multi colors? We bought a pack of three colors pasta and it was great. Even the Italians love changing kind of pasta and the Three colors pasta is ideal if you want cook a dish with different colors and flavors.  Like I explained to you in the previous blog (How to cook pasta), cooking pasta is not complicated and can offer you different solutions.

Today I would like to show this recipe.  In Italian we call it "Pasta fredda tricolore" (Three colors cold pasta). This is a typical summer Italian dish. Like I said, this is a cold dish.

Cold pasta recipe with three colours pasta

Ingredients for 2 people:

  1. 220g of Three colors pasta
  2. 100g Dry tomatoes
  3. 1 cucumber or 2 depend how big it is
  4. 1 red pepper
  5. Green pesto (the quantity depend how green you want your pasta)
  6. Extra virgin olive oil (2 tablespoons)
  7. red or black pepper (a bit)
  8. salt (14g...7g per 100g of pasta) 


  • Put at least 2 Lt of water with salt in a saucepan and wait until the water start boiling
  • put the pasta inside and stir the pasta (not always but always pay attention and keep every piece of pasta separate from the others)
  • drain the pasta when it is ready and let it get cold in a bowl
  • start to dice the cucumber, the dry tomatoes and Feta cheese
  • When pasta will be cold, put all the ingredients on top of it with extra virgin olive oil and red/black pepper and put in the fridge.
  • when the pasta will be cold enough for you, adding pesto (before to pour pesto, mix the pesto with olive oil and  mix them together).

Below you can find the ingredients that you can find in our store:

  1. Three colours pasta
  2. Dry tomatoes
  3. Green pesto
  4. Extra virgin olive oil
  5. Red sweet chili pepper powder

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