Honey and health benefits

Honey and health benefits

Honey, one of the healthiest food

At least once in our life all of us have eaten honey. Especially in Italy, our grandmothers encouraged us to eat it because of its health properties. The point is that when we are children, we do not understand how important is eating healthy. Thank to this blog  I can explain you  why honey is very important  for our Health status.

Honey Health benefits

  • Honey is advisable for sportsmen to consume honey before, during and after a competition, being the ideal food because, in addition to fortifying the muscles, it also increases physical resistance and encourages rapid recovery.
  • Replace sugar with honey because it has several beneficial properties including that of being more digestible than common sugar. Assimilation of honey by the body requires no effort, and those suffering from digestive disorders will only benefit from replacing sugar with honey in its diet.
  • Honey is indicated for those suffering from gastric ulcer and childhood diets from birth. It is strongly advised to systematically replace sugar with honey in children's foods, which is, among other things, a measure of the reach of everyone, since it is very easy to dissolve honey in the milk of the bottle.
  • Honey's properties includes the presence of essential minerals for well-being. The dietary interest in honey is due to its natural properties that, unlike sugar, facilitate the fixation of calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals during growth.
  • Honey also benefits the intestine with its action on bacterial flora in combating fermentations. In case of constipation, thanks to its laxative properties, it will effectively relieve those who suffer from it.
  • Honey is allowed for lightweight diabetics, bearing in mind that honey is rich in fructose, the assimilation of which does not require insulin intervention. However, there is a need for cautiousness.
  •  Applied externally honey favors the scarring of burns and wounds, too, if dissolved slowly in the mouth, it attenuates the irritation of the throat.

Recommendations for using honey in proper

  • With cold Tea (Mix a tablespoon of honey in a cup of Cold tea and squeeze half lemon.
  • MILK AND HONEY ( Unsustainable is the effectiveness of milk and honey against cough, sore throat, and similar disorders. A good cup of warm milk, strongly drenched with honey, for three four evenings before going to bed will soften those problems. )

  • DESSERT (At the end of the meals a teaspoon of honey on a biscuit or on a crouton)

  • MILK AND YOGURT (One tablespoon of honey in your yogurt)
  • One tablespoon of honey with no any mix 

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