How to cook Pasta

How to cook Pasta

How to cook pasta using Our products

Everyone wants to buy "foreign Food" bur immediately  the first thing we have thought is: "How can I cook this or these products"? After this question, many of Us, make the decision: I do not want to spend money for something that I do not know. Change is not easy for anyone. Italian Cuisine is very famous all around the world and It is one of the most appreciate.

Our products are very easy to prepare and all of the other products (preserves, Sauces etc) are ready to use. YES YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COOK THEM. When Hong Kong's People close to me ask me "How Can I use this product", I understand that one of Our Task MUST BE teach how to use them. 

Let's get started to cook pasta "Penne alla Arrabbiata"

Today I would like to teach how to prepare a simple pasta dish with Our products. You will find out that it is easier than you have ever thought.

Today I want to show you how to cook " Penne alla Arrabbiata"

Ingredients for 2 people:

Pennette Rigate 220g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil form Puglia (2 spoons)

Amatriciana tomato sauce (140g half bottle suggested)

Salt (7g for every Liter of water)

How to cook:

- Fill the saucepan up with water. The Magic rule is "1-10-100". 1 stand for one liter of water; 10 stand for the salt quantity; 100 stand for 100 g of pasta. It means that if you want to cook 100 g of pasta you need 1 liter of water and 10 g of salt. We, personally, suggest 7 g per liter of water.  

- Once the water boiling, add salt 7 g every 1 Liter of water

- Drop the Penne into the water and  stir. Our Pasta will be ready in 6/7 minutes

- Remove the pasta form the heat and drain well (Use a colander)

- Drain pasta and mix it with the sauce and add 2 spoons of Extra virgin Olive Oil. (You can use the same saucepan that you have used for pasta or using a fry pan)

This is It!!!!!! very simple. 

Grazie Mille da Alessandro



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