Solo Italiano is open!!!!!!!!!

Solo Italiano is open!!!!!!!!!

Now We can say: "Finally". We are on line. We have worked for months to this project. This dream becomes true and now we are here to give you a chance to try marvelous Italian Food, especially from South Italy. We do NOT buy our product from Wholesalers, we do not need to do it. We buy direct from the suppliers without middle-persons. We know in person all our suppliers that  are small companies with no famous brands. This is our strength, we do not need big brands, we want "BIG" quality and well- selected raw materials. All of our suppliers are still following old recipes to prepare our products. I am very proud of them and I hope that all of you will be too.

Except the Extra virgin olive oils that come from Puglia, one of the famous region for olive oil,  all the other products are made in Calabria, the region where my family leaves and where I used to live.

Our journey is just started.

One of our most important target is also reward all of our futures customers that will choose our products. We have thought different solutions for giving you NOT only a "rare simple discount" but a chance to reward you for your loyalty (I suggest all of you to have a look our "Customer reward" in the Home page). Having a store means also could chat with all of you. You could use "messenger, WhatsApp,  etc.. to chat with Us. We will put our maximum effort to satisfy you 100%. 

Thank you so much. We will see soon with other news about the product.



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