Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chili Flavour 250ml

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Buy Extra virgin olive oil chili from Puglia

When an amazing Extra Virgin Oil meets Puglia Chilies. It is amazing for seasoning many dishes since it has a rich flavour to balance intense spices. For those people who love the great spiciness of chilies from Salent, add a hint of oil to create an intense taste!

How to use extra virgin olive oil chili Flavour

Excellent also for accompanying chocolate desserts, Soup, grilled vegetables, or with pasta. Goes perfect on top of Noodle soup. A little bit of this oil will make your Noodles much tastier, or drizzle over pizza for an extra level of intense flavour.

Tips To Store Extra Virgin Olive Oil chili flavour

E.V.O.O. is both light and heat sensitive. That’s the reason good quality E.V.O.O. is sold in tinted glass bottles.

With time, the level of healthy antioxidants start deteriorating, so buy smaller bottles and use them within 3-4 months.

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