L’angelica Green Coffee Herbal Tea 22 bags

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L’angelica Herbal Tea Green Coffee, Promotes the natural metabolism

The Green Coffee contained in our infusion is obtained from the seeds of the coffee plant, which are then dried and crushed. Seeds which have not been roasted preserve all their beneficial properties and are an ideal ally for supporting the metabolism in periods when we feel the need to get back in shape. The product is enriched with Apple, a useful fruit for limiting the absorption of the nutrients and extremely effective in low-calorie diets, and with Fennel, with its characteristic scent and taste. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet, infusions are the ideal remedy for taking care of yourself.

L’angelica Green Coffee Herbal Tea How to use

For an excellent herbal tea, infuse a teabag for 5-7 minutes and sweeten to taste, preferably con a low-calorie sweetener. Take one cup of herbal tea twice a day, preferably far from mealtimes.

L’angelica Green Coffee Herbal Tea Ingredients

Ingredients: Green coffee (Coffea arabica L./ robusta Lind. Ex De Wild-seeds) Apple (Malus sylvertris L. mill- fruit) , Fennel (Foenlculum vulgare Mill- seeds)

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