Italian Pasta

Italian pasta

When people talk about Italian food, immediately they think about pizza and pasta. Pasta is a symbol for us to export all over the world. All of our team want that you could try our amazing pasta made by a  small and local company. We can provide to all of you 9 types of different pasta so that you could choose the one fit for you

Italian pasta sauces are made by Pastificio Stingi and Artigiana Funghi. Two different companies but same great quality.  We are offering 100% Italian Ingredients for our Sauces. NO Preservatives, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORANTS. This is one of Our Targets: Offering 100% Italian food. This 2 company are different but they have 1 thing in common: Making High Quality products for You!!!

Nine differents format of pasta

Available for you we can provide nien of the most famous pasta shapes like: Penne, Rigatoni, Lasagne, Cannelloni, Pennette three colours, Eliche`, Tripolina, Paccheri and Linguine. Different shapes for different recipes or other dishes that you can create with our Italian pasta