Italian pasta sauces

Solo Italiano's pasta sauces

Italian pasta sauces are made by Pastificio Stingi and Artigiana Funghi. Two different companies but same great quality.  We are offering 100% Italian Ingredients for our Sauces. NO Preservatives, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORANTS. This is one of Our Targets: Offering 100% Italian food. This 2 company are different but they have 1 thing in common: Making High-Quality products for You!!!

Different types of pasta sauces.

With us, all of You can choose a wide selection of tomato sauces with a different flavor. There the classic Basil pasta tomato sauces, Tropea red onion pasta sauce that is made with sweetest red onion from Trope (Calabria- South Italy). Also, you can choose pasta sauce with eggplants, tuna tomato sauce, arrabbiata sauce (spicy tomato sauces) and out basil pesto (green color) and red pesto which is a pasta sauce made with sundried tomatoes.  


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