Amatriciana tomato sauce 280g

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About amatriciana tomato sauce

Amatriciana Tomato Sauce is a traditional pasta sauce originating from the town of Amatrice. It is one of the best known pasta sauces in Roman and Italian Cuisine. This classic sauce take its spiciness from black pepper and dried chiles put together with "Guanciale", that is a salt-cured pork jowl. Our amatriciana sauce is made with 100% Italian ingredients with NO Preservatives added.

Solo Italiano recommends amatriciana tomato sauce:

- On top of the pasta  

- Poured in a pot after with red meats.


Solo Italiano's amatriciana tomato sauce is a ready pasta sauce.  When pasta is ready (follow the timing for cooking Our pasta), drain It and adding extra virgin olive oil and the tomato sauce finish, cooking together in a pan.

Main Ingredients: Amatriciana tomato sauce

Tomatoes, pancetta (bacon), Extra virgin olive oil, sugar, onion





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