Tripolina 500g

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Tripolina long pasta

Tripolina is a type of ribbon pasta noodles. They are characterized by their long, fairly wide rectangular shape and curly edges. 

 How to serve Tripolina pasta

It  is a kind of pasta that pairs perfectly with meat sauces or our classic tomato sauces.


  • Fill the saucepan up with water. Once the water boiling, add salt 7g every 1 Liter of water
  • Drop the Tripolina into the water and  stir. Our Pasta will be cooked in 5 minutes
  • Drain pasta 1 minute before the cooking timing and mix the pasta with the tomato  sauces or meat and add 2 spoons of Extra virgin Olive Oil.


Main Ingredients tripolina ribbon pasta

Durum Wheat flour, Water

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