Italian preserves

Italian preserves

Our Preserves are made by Artigiana Funghi. This company, after long time, is everyday working for reaching high standard quality and providing to all of you the best ingredients rigorously 100% Italian. These preserves, like the other products, are made following the Calabrian Tradition and the history of my Region. In this collection you can find special and very famous products mix with olive oil and natural flavours that is difficult to find in Hong Kong.

Wide range of Italian preserves

We have a lot of choice for everyone. Almost all our preserves are vegan and vegetarian friendly. This is the shop for everyone. We want that everybody has a chance to eat our food and we are happy to share these feelings. In our selection, You can choose different types of porcini mushrooms preserves (Whole porcini, Porcini's pate, Cream of porcini mushrooms); Heart of artichokes; Our "ordigno calabro" that is our spiciest preserve.

Preserves with 100% natural and tasty Italian ingredients

Summer give us many tasty vegetables. For testing them, out of the season, We provide you  typical homemade preparations with unique and irresistible taste that can not be missed. All these recipes come from South Italy where vegetables have fresh flavors. Mushrooms, sweet olives, sun dried tomatoes, fillet of eggplants and much more with our wide variety of products. All the ingredients are 100% Italian. High quality is important, eating healthy is important too. Our preserves are waiting for you!!

Truffle preserve

We are very proud to have a chance to sell this product that you cannot find in Hong Kong. This is a special Truffles preserve. It is special because it is the only one that contain 20% white truffle, 20% black truffle, 60% porcini mushrooms. It is amazing if you think that a normal jar of "truffles" contains 8% . This what we want from our products. Be different.