Italian Soft Drinks

Italian soft drinks 

All our soft drinks are made by Marascio S.a.s. in Calabria. They are made respecting the Italian tradition Soft Drinks. 8 different soft drinks with different taste and flavors. Gassosa, Chinotto, Lemon are classics in Italy. Coffee, Montauro , Bergan 100%, Bergadi` 20% and Cocktail are soft drinks that belong to Calabria. Unique flavors for unique feelings.

Most of our soft drinks are classic like gassoa, chinotto, lemonade. Others, like coffee, montauro, cocktail, bergan 100% and bergadi` 20%, are new for the Hong Kong market.

Bergamot juice health benefits

Bergan 100% and bergadi` 20% contains "Bergamot" . It is a citrus fruit with a green color. It can help the body in differents ways.

- Lowers Cholesterol 

Bergamot juice has the ability to lower bad cholesterol  or LDL cholesterol by over 35% and increases good cholesterol by 40%.  Bergamot contains, brutieridin, melitidin, naringin, ponceritin, and neohesperidin.

- Lots of Antioxidants 

Bergamot juice contains extremely large amounts of polyphenols which  are powerful antioxidants that help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer…

- Cardiovascular Health 

Bergamot can also help to prevent cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks.

- Nerve Tissue

Bergamot has neuro protective abilities.

- Lowers Blood Pressure 

Bergamot helps to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

- Diabetes

Bergamot helps in the absorption and breakdown of carbs, and thus helps to keep blood sugar on an even keel. Bergamot can lower blood sugar by as much as 25%… and works well for those who suffer from insulin resistance.

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