Italian coffee soft drink 200ml

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Italian coffee soft drink     

What is the relationship between an espresso and a soft drink? Well, Calabria is famous for this exact drink!

Even in the other Italian regions it is very difficult to find this beverage. Calabrian people love espresso and they thought a long time ago to make a carbonated drink which is able to refresh you during hot summers. For this reason this "Coffee" was born. 

It has been tailor-made for coffee lovers who love drinking great espresso with the addition of caramel and natural flavors. Our Coffee looks soft and sparkling, absolutely savory and pleasant to drink, enjoyable on any occasion.  No Preservatives with 100% Italian ingredients used. Our personal suggestion is to drink it as a cold refreshment.


Italian Coffee soft drink ingredients

Water, Sugar, Coffee, Caramel, Natural Flavors.

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