Lemonade 200ml

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Italian lemonade with 12% lemon juice

When a soft drink meets the uniqueness of Calabria's lemons juice, the result is "Lemon". The real fragrance can be found in this thirst-quenching beverage. Like Gassosa, Lemon can be drank during lunch or dinner or with a quick snack. No Preservatives, No Food Coloring.

With its 12% of lemon juice, lemonade works for defending our body since, like other citrus-fruit based products, lemonade has been promoted as healthful due to its high concentration of vitamin C.

Daily consumption lemon juice per day mixed with two litres of water has shown to reduce the rate of stone formation in people susceptible to kidney stones. Lemons contain the highest concentration of citric acid of any fruit, and this weak acid has been shown to inhibit stone formation.


Lemonade main ingredients:

 Sugar, Lemon juice 12%

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