Jams, marmalades and honeys

100% Italian ingredients jams marmalades and honeys

Solo Italiano's  jams marmalade and honey are made by Artigiana Funghi. This company, after long time, is everyday working for reaching high standard quality. These products like the others are made with local raw material and following the Calabrian Tradition and the history of my region.

100% natural ingredients

All of our jams marmalade and honey are made with 100% natural ingredients. No food additive, No food colorants. 

Health benefits

Every jam or marmalades or honeys have their own special properties which can help us and our body.

- Chestnuts honey help to fights anemia (that is, iron deficiency in the body), fight naturally with cooling, sore throat and influenza symptoms

- Figs jam is a powerful antioxidant, for treating common illnesses and as antibacterial and anti fungal.

- Tangerine marmalade is Very rich in vitamin C, essential for keeping the brain responsive and alert, tangerine is also rich in fiber and carotene, as well as a substantial percentage of iron, magnesium and folic acid. Due to the  amount of fiber, tangerines are particularly recommended in diets  since they are a nutritious and easily digestible fruit.

- Citron marmalade is rich in vitamins and mineral salts, cedar is able to have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular, colon, intestine, stomach, hair and kidney. It is also rich of  powerful antioxidants.


All of our jams marmalades and honeys contains special vitamins, fiber, antioxidant that can help to live well.

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