Tangerines Marmalade 340g

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Tangerine has remarkable therapeutic properties:

Very rich in vitamin C, essential for keeping the brain responsive and alert, tangerine is also rich in fiber and carotene, as well as a substantial percentage of iron, magnesium and folic acid.

Due to the  amount of fiber, tangerines are particularly recommended in healthy diets since they are a nutritious and easily digestible fruit. Furthermore, it is useful in preventing colds and protecting mucous membranes and capillary thanks to the vitamin C, while vitamin P combats water retention and promotes diuresis; It also contains calcium, potassium and fibers, essential for the bones, and the intestines and regulates blood pressure. 

Our marmalade is made with Calabrian Tangerines, Tangerines peels. and sugar. This product  comes from local raw materials and local traditions in Italy. Amazing during the breakfast and as an ingredient for cakes.


 Solo Italiano's Tangerine Marmalade can be used:

To spread on the bread or white bread

As ingredient for making cake


Main Ingredients:

Rind, Pulp and Juice of Tangerines, Sugar.


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