Tropea Red Onions Jam 330g

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Tropea red onions

Tropea Red Onion Jam is a particular type of jam with a  sweet taste, which is prepared using Tropea onions which  characterized by a sweeter taste than white or golden onions.

Tropea Red Onion Jam is perfect for accompanying cheeses. Excellent and suitable cheeses are those very seasoned such as Pecorino cheese (Sheep Cheese), Parmesan cheese, or smoked cheeses in general; But with the onion jam you can also accompany various types of meats like pork, or read meat (better if roasted). For lovers of homemade preserves, Tropea onion jam is a variant of traditional preserved vegetables with a unique taste.


Red onion's health properties

1. improved Immunity

The photochemical in onions aid the function of vitamin C helping to improve the bodys ability to fight infections. This is important in boosting the body’s immunity.

2. Blood sugar control

Onions play a very important role in blood sugar regulation owing to the fact that they contain a mineral component known as chromium.

3. Fighting Inflammation

Red onions for centuries have been used to treat inflammations and infections as well.

4. Healthy heart

Raw slices of red onions are actually good for your heart. This is because they encourage production of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which minimizes risk of heart diseases like heart attack and stroke. Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) on the other hand leads to heart problems due to cholesterol levels in the arteries which triggers the so called Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs).


Solo Italiano's Tropea Red Onion Jam can be used:

To accompany various type of roasted (Pork)

To accompany seasoned cheese like Parmesan, Sheep Cheeses


Main Ingredients:

Red Onions 75%, Sugar, Vinegar


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