About Us

This project was started during Our first Italian holiday with my family. My wife delighted in Italian products, enjoyed the good quality food. Which is the wherefore that "Solo Italiano Limited" is born to share the happiness of the Italian food with all the people.

We had Dreams and one of those became true.

I hope that, day by day, all of Our guests could appreciate the tasty and natural Italian food provided by Our company. All of those products come from local small companies, where the quality is more important than the profit and where the Tradition has not been abandoned.

My name is Alessandro and I come from Calabria. This is the regionwhere I used to live and where my family actually live. This is a place where sea and mountain “live together”, where the air is fresh and you can enjoy the nature. Except Our extra virgin olive oils that come from Puglia (one of the most famous region for olive oil in Italy), all the other products come from my region. We are not going to sell “big brand product” and We do not want to do it at all. Just local food that are made with local or Italian ingredients following the old recipes for guarantee quality and taste.

This is not just a job. This is a honor that people in Hong Kong could share the quality of Our products.

Giving marvelous food for an amazing experience, rewarding our guests for enjoying our products are what we work for.





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