Arrabbiata tomato sauce 280g

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Arrabbiata tomato sauces for spicy lovers

Solo Italiano's arrabbiata tomato sauce is dedicated to the "Spicy Lovers". The word "Arrabbiata" in Italian means angry. "Angry" describes it perfectly since this tomato sauce is made using red chili pepper. This sauce is healthy and made with 100% natural Italian ingredients with NO Preservatives added. It is prepared according with the Italian original recipe.

Arrabbiata tomato sauce is recommended

On top of the pasta, with chicken or seafood.

Ready tomato sauce

Solo Italiano's arrabbiata tomato sauce is a ready sauce. When pasta is ready (follow the timing for cooking Our pasta), drain the pasta, add the arrabbiata tomato sauce and finish cooking together in a pan.

Main Ingredients arrabbiata tomato sauce

Tomatoes, Spicy pepper, Extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar

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