Asia Handcrafted beerStrong lager double malt Magnum gift box 1.5L

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Asia Handcrafted Strong lager double malt

A copper colored beer, with a delicate head and occasionally lightly veiled appearance. A well-rounded body, slightly fizzy with a dominant nasal intensity of malt and an immediate sweet taste pleasantly balanced by the hops. A balanced taste with bitter tasting undertones. There is a lingering scent of prevailing malt.

Asia Strong lager double malt Characteristic

Bottom fermentation (Saccharomyces carlsbergensis)
Degrees plato
Reference type
Strong lager (double malt)
To be served
7-8 °C
Alcohol content
Natural water, Barley malt, Hops, Yeast

Pairing food

Grilled red meat, pork, cheese, seasoned fried dishes, salami, dry pastries.

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