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Where Chestnut Honey comes from 

Chestnut honey is typical in the Mediterranean area, especially Italy. This honey comes from colorful chestnut flowers and the harvest starts between the months of June and October.

Unlike other types of honey, chestnut has a color that varies from yellow to brown to black, with very dark and intense amber hues; It's smell is aromatic and woody and the distinctly distinctive flavor is much less sweet, with a bitter after-taste that can also be enjoyed with salty meals of aged meats and cheeses.

The texture of Chestnut honey is rather liquid and the reason lies in the richness of fructose that determines the absence of crystallization. Variations in color and flavor depend on the type of chestnut that comes from honey, natural microclimate.  In general,  the color is dark and the taste is rich and intense.

Chestnut honey's health benefits 

Thanks to the great amount of mineral salts present, this type of honey is ideal for a diet that fights anemia (that is, iron deficiency in the body). Thanks to its antispasmodic properties it is a great ally for fighting menstrual pain, combined with relaxing herbs such as chamomile. Its soothing and healing properties help during the recovery from ulcers, but also fight colds, sore throat, and influenza symptoms

Solo Italiano's Chestnuts honey recommendations:

  • One spoon of honey in to the coffee or tea
  • with cheeses
  • in to the yogurt
  • with biscuits or cakes


Main Ingredients:

Chestnut honey



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