Citron Marmalade 340g

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Why is citron healthy?

Citron is not a very well-known citrus. It grows up in Southern Italy, especially in Calabria, Campania and Sicily. It is rich in nutrients, important for health and the well-being of our body.

Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, cedar is able to have a beneficial effect on your cardiovascular, colon, intestine, stomach, hair, and kidney.

It is also rich in powerful antioxidants. This healthy marmalade is made just with simple ingredients like local citrons, peels and sugar.

Only natural ingredients with NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES. We suggest it for breakfast. Our citron marmalade is a great choice for vegan and vegetarians.

Solo Italiano's Citron Marmalade can be used:

  • To spread on the bread or white bread
  • As ingredient for making cake


Main Ingredients healthy citron marmalade

Citron with minced peel, sugar, lemon juice



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