Rosolata di zucchine (Courgettes sauce) 280g

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Ready To Mix Courgettes Sauce 

Eating vegetables is necessary for our body to work properly. This vegetable pasta sauce is dedicated to everyone. all the ingredients are natural and fit for every person. Courgettes sauce is rich in potassium, vitamin A, and also rich of antioxidants.

Rosolata di zucchine is a courgettes sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, stocks, wheat flour, and other natural flavors. It is made for giving a chance to cook pasta in different way rather than the classic tomato sauce. Courgettes sauce is ready to mix with pasta.

 Solo Italiano's Courgettes sauce can be poured:

  • on top of the pasta .
  • On top of the rice


Main Ingredients Courgettes sauce

Courgette, wheat, broth, olive oil