Cut Porcini Mushrooms 260g

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Porcini Recipe

If you love Porcini mushrooms but prefer them already cut, this is exactly what you're looking for. Same porcini, same high quality, same flavour. This preserve is made with Cut porcini mushrooms with olive oil, and natural flavors. Porcini meat is solid, white, and very tasty. Can be eaten raw, cooked, or dried (ideal for risottos).

Porcini mushrooms healthy food

Porcini is also a great nutritional food since they have a high amount of fiber and mineral salts and at the same time contain fewer fats and sugars. Furthermore Porcini contains low protein and calories levels, because of potassium, phosphorus, sodium, betacarotene. Porcini mushrooms is a healthy food that should be eaten regularly.

Cut porcini mushrooms can be used:

  • As side Dish
  • As condiment for pizza 
  • Eat with bread
  • For preparing Rice Salad (Cold Summer dish)


Main Ingredients:

Porcini mushrooms, olive oil, natural spices