Rosolata di melanzane (Eggplants sauce) 280g

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Why Choose eggplants sauce as pasta sauce?

Rosolata Di Melanzane is sauce is dedicated to all of you who prefer to try a new sauce instead of classic tomato sauces. Furthermore, eggplants are healthy since they contain calcium, iron, and others minerals useful for our body; they are a good for cholesterol, they are rich in fiber and low in calories. So lots of reasons for choosing this sauce

Rosolata di melanzane is an eggplants sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, stocks, wheat flour and other natural flavors. It is made for giving a chance to cook pasta in different way rather than the classic tomato sauce. It is ready to mix with pasta or risotti!


Solo Italiano's Eggplants sauce is gorgeous:

  • As pasta sauce.
  • On top of the rice


Eggplants sauce main ingredients:

Egg-plants, wheat, broth, olive oil