Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can 2000ml

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Why Buy 2L Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Our Extra Virgin Olive is Cold Pressed from Puglia with an acidity level of 0.3%. It is dedicated to everybody who cannot live without olive oil. Same Quality, Same olives, Same love. No addiditives and No preservatives are used for making our olive oil. 100% Natural olives from Puglia which is one of the most well-known areas in Italy for olive quality, and extra virgin olive oil.

Healthy benefits for Extra virgin olive oil

It is 100% natural and very high in antioxidants. These substances are biologically active and some of them can help with fighting serious diseases. It also contains oleic acid that can fight inflammation and it also lowers blood pressure, protects LDL, and prevents unwanted blood clotting 

Dishes we suggest compatible with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • For flavorings Fish and Meat Dish
  • As Dressing for salads
  • For flavoring Tomato Sauce and Pesto
  • For cooking vegetables
  • For pasta salad


Tips To Store Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Since Virgin olive oil is both light and heat sensitive, we stored our olive oil in magnificent and protective tinted glass bottles.




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