Golosa chopped vegetables and dry porcini 270g

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Golosa and its gorgeous flavours of porcini mushrooms.

Vegetables and mushrooms are very common in Calabria. Golosa is a lovely preserve made with a mix of chopped vegetables and dry porcini mushrooms with extra virgin olive oil. All of the ingredients come from local areas in Italy with amazing landscapes when nature is still pure and uncontaminated and where the food is still healthy and tasty.


Solo Italiano's Golosa (Chopped vegetables and dry porcini mushrooms) is perfect:

  • As side Dish
  • As condiment for pizza 
  • for seasoning pasta and tomato sauces
  • As starter alone of with other preserves


Main Ingredients Golosa porcini mushrooms 

Egg-plants, Pepper, dried tomatoes, mushrooms, olive oil




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