Krimisa red wine Ciro DOC 2014 75 cl

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Krimisa red wine Ciro DOC 2014

Produced from a selection of grapes in the Cirò historical vineyards, small tree cultivated. KRIMISA in the Great Greece was the ancient name of Cirò, a village located on the Ionic coast near Crotone, very interesting area for the Greek colonies as it was particularly suitable for the vine cultivation. It is given account that the Cirò wine has been the oldest one in the known world since when, in the Great Greece, it was offered as a gift to the athletes who won the Olympic games. Even at the Olympic games in Athens in 2004, the Cirò Krimisa has been offered as a gift to the gold medal-winning athletes, recalling 2000 years ago tradition.

Krimisa red wine Ciro DOC 2014 details

Winery: F.lli Zito

Region: Calabria

Grape: 100% Gaglioppo

Bottled in the year: 2014

Fragrance: Intense and persistent.

Taste: Dry, warm and good tannic.

Colour: Red

Temperature of service: 18–20°C.

Alcoholic strength: 13.5% VOL

Bottle capacity: 75 cl

Internation rewards: VinItaly 2003-2009 (DIPLOMA DI GRAN MENZIONE)

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