Melanie handcrafted dark Oatmeal Stout 75cl

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Melanie Dark Oatmeal Stout 75cl

This beer is a Dark Oatmeal Stout at high fermentation with an Ebony colored, opaque, fine and creamy foam of brown color, persistent. Toasted aromas of coffee and cocoa alternate with hints of vanilla and hazelnut. Full body, silky and velvety. Sparkling pleasantly moderate.

Malted taste prevalent then of roasted grains, bitter from light hops and contained. Pleasant caramel finish.

Dark Oatmeal Stout characteristics

Fermentation Alta (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Plato degrees

15.5 ° C

Reference type

oatmeal stout

To be served

9-12 ° C

Alcohol content

5.5% vol.

Ingredients Water, malted barley, roasted malted barley, oats, hops, yeast.

Pairing food

Suggested combinations Spicy cuisine, smoked fish and shellfish, grilled meats, aged cheeses, coffee and chocolate desserts, roasted chestnuts.


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