Ordigno Calabro (Spicy mix vegetables and mushrooms) 275g

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Spicy mixed vegetables and mushrooms

Ordigno Calabro's recipe is very famous for being very spicy. If you are looking for a very spicy flavor, then Ordigno calabro is perfect for you. Dried porcinio, Rositi mushrooms (Lactarius Delicious) mixed with spicy hot chilli pepper with olive oil.

Solo Italiano's Ordigno Calabro -spicy mixed vegetable and mushrooms- can be used:


As side Dish

As condiment for pizza 

For Bruschetta

For flavoring sauces


Main Ingredients spicy mixed vegetables 

Eggplant, Mushrooms (Lactarius Delicious), Hot pepper, Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis), Olive oil.