Three Colours pasta penne 500g

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Pasta penne 3 colours

Pasta penne is one of the most well-known short pastas in In Italy. You can use penne for cooking different dishes. Three colors penne is a special version dedicated to all of you who like mixed flavors. Three colors because they are made with 100% Italian spinach (green color) and 100% Italian tomatoes (red color), the three colors put together create the Italian flag. This pasta is suitable for anyone, but this pasta is vegan and vegetarian friendly.


How to serve pasta penne

Solo Italiano's 3 Colors Penne is ideal to serve with Tomato sauces, as Pasta salad (cold dish). It’s also good for using in pasta bakes.


Pasta penne with tomato sauces recipes


- Fill the saucepan up with water. Once the water boiling, add salt 7g every 1 Liter of water

- Drop the 3 colors Pennette into the water and  stir. Our Pasta will be cooked in 5 minutes

- Drain pasta 1 minute before the cooking timing and mix the pasta with the sauce and add 2 spoons of Extra virgin Olive Oil.


Pasta penne salad vegan recipe

Making pasta salad is very simple an you do not need to much time.

When pasta is 'al dente" (cooked so as not to be too soft; firm to the bite), drain it and mix pasta with , 1 large broccoli cut into florets, extra virgin olive oil, green olives (drained), 3 dry tomatoes (cut every dry tomato in 3 pieces).


Main Ingredients pasta penne three colours

Durum Wheat flour, Water, spinach, tomato

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