Tuna Tomato Sauce 280g

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Tuna tomato sauce special edition

Our Tuna Tomato Sauce is the perfect mix between sea and land in one jar. 100% Italian ingredients with NO Preservatives added. This ready tomato sauce is really rare to find in a shop. In Italy, pasta and tuna is common and we have brought this Tuna sauce from Italy to you! 100% healthy, natural, and 100% Italian.


Solo Italiano's tuna tomato sauce matches perfectly with

Pasta, on top of the pizza


Tuna pasta tomato sauce is very simple to use

Solo Italiano's Tuna Tomato Sauce is a ready pasta tomato sauce.  When pasta is ready  drain the pasta, add the tuna pasta tomato sauce, and finish cooking together in a pan.


Tuna tomato sauce main ingredients:

Tomatoes, Tuna, Extra virgin olive oil