White truffles and black truffles 200g

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White truffle and black truffle

White truffles and Black truffles with porcini mushroom is made with a very high quality mix of mushrooms. 60% Porcini mushrooms, 20% White Truffles mushrooms, 20% Black Truffles Mushrooms mixed together with olive oil.

A delicious preserve to enjoy. We suggest use it for preparing bruschetta or as appetizer before the main courses. This is the Jewel of Our shop. It is impossible to find a preserve like this anywhere else in Hong Kong. 

Solo Italiano's  Porcini Mushrooms with White and black Truffles can be served

- Spreading on the Bread

- For Delicious Bruschetta

- For seasoning Pasta

White truffles and black truffles main ingredients

60% porcini mushrooms, 20% black truffles, 20%white truffles, olive oil

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