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Why Do you need wildflower honey

Wildflower Honey is a unique product. It is produced in several areas of Italy, hilly, mountainous, flat, where there is a multitude of flowers of various kinds. It is unique in perfume and flavor level and has distinctive characteristics depending on the collection area.

Wildflower Honey is clear and transparent, delicate and sweet, with less intense flavor, or Dark or amber. Both can crystallize over time, especially at low temperatures, taking more opaque shades.

Wildflower Honey can be used in various ways in the kitchen: try a teaspoon of Wildflower honey with coffee or milk, on sliced cheese, but also in natural yogurt. It can also be used on ice cream, biscuits, and cakes.

Antibacterial effects

Wildflower honey can be used as a treatment for influenza, helps to cure cough and lung diseases, and is also a good antibacterial. Wildflower honey stimulates the digestive tract, as it is particularly effective for liver purification and for improving circulation.


Solo Italiano's wildflower honey suggestions

  • One spoon of honey in to the coffee or tea
  • with cheeses
  • in to the yogurt
  • with biscuits or cakes


Main Ingredients:

Wildflower honey

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